Course Description

Android is mobile platform. Android is supported the Linux operating system. Unlike iPhone, android market is open to open market to develop applications. iPhone apps. run on iPhone/iPad but android applications will run most of the Phones world-wide making it the fastest growing mobile operating system in the world. There are just about limitless opportunities in package development for the platform. The Android training helps in using its API, the Software Development Kit (SDK), and the tools to unlock your potential as an Android developer.

As results of taking this Android training, you will be ready to :-

Create a straightforward application that runs underneath the Android package.

Read and write files to Android file system.

Create an application that uses transmission underneath the Android Operating System.

Access and work with databases underneath the Android Operating System.

Course Details

  • Course duration: 8 Weeks
  • Projects & Assignments: 50 Hours
  • Start date: 24th December 2016

Course Syllabus