Load Runner

Course Description

LoadRunner is an all-in-one solution for testing and optimizing enterprise applications. With a diversity of users in mind, LoadRunner enables developers, QA engineers, business analysts, architects, and performance testing teams to ensure that software applications will scale to support the right number of users, transaction volumes and performance levels. As a leading automated test solution, LoadRunner vastly improves mean-time-to-resolution.

In production, LoadRunner shines. Placed in your production environment, LoadRunner runs a simple, non-invasive script to profile your infrastructure environment, then gives you the power to swiftly model network capacity and test performance improvement options with 95 percent accuracy. Contact Pegasie to learn more about LoadRunner’s industry-leading flexibility, efficiency and usability for capacity planning.

LoadRunner supports the most common enterprise environments including ERP/CRM, Web, J2EE, .NET, wireless and streaming media and integrates with HP’s full suite of testing and monitoring tools.

Provides the first lifecycle approach to testing and optimizing application performance, including powerful diagnostics and tuning capabilities, all in one tool.

Course Details

  • Course duration: 4 weeks
  • Projects & Assignments: 32 Hours
  • Start date: 24th December 2016

Course Syllabus